About Me

Leon Kießling (8ix) meditating

Hi, I'm Leon.

I coded this page with all its intricacies from scratch. I create all the designs and write all the texts. Basically, this brand is in pure accordance with my vision of what I want to create.

It is my mission to spread spiritual understanding and unconditional love. I had many experiences, giving me deep insights into life itself and the inner workings of existence. I would have happily gone on exploring on my own, but it was made crystal clear to me that it is my purpose to spread all knowledge given to me and to help humanity in its spiritual development. What would be the purpose of me gaining understanding without anyone learning from it?

Therefore, all clothing carries a deeper message or concept transmitted either through text, an illustration or both. Even if the perceiver doesn't immediately grasp it, it is my firm belief that it is picked up by the subconscious and will find its way integrating into that person's life. No perception is ever lost.

Many more products, resources and media types will be coming out. If you wish to stay up to date, you can sign up to receive my e-mail newsletter or follow me on social media. This is just the very beginning