person breaking free from the cage of fear and limitation

Beyond Fear

Some think that fear is required to survive. But what would life without fear actually look like and what lies beyond fear? Is it just death or is could there actually hide something else? This information might totally change how you approach life and redefine the limits you believe in as your potential...

woman merging with the universe by embracing unconditional acceptance


Dualism is what created all of those opposing sides. Unity can only be achieved through merging those two opposites again. And this only works with acceptance. There is no other way, but there are many benefits to accepting what is, no matter what is. This is the way to transform any life from miserable to amazing. But there are some hurdles we all have to face on this path...

man realizing the consequences to his actions and accepting responsibility for his state of mind


I want to remind you of the essential responsibilities you carry due to being born on this planet. This is something we usually do not get taught anywhere, but that is so important for us in order to live in harmony. We all wish this world to be a better place with joy and optimism and most people can not see how they are part of the problems they complain about in others...