I did a video on this topic, so if you understand German you can watch that. For those that don't, I have written this article.

Hey, I hope you're doing well. Today, we're discussing responsibility, and the key thing to understand is that the outer world is a reflection of our inner world. As above, so below. The entirety of this world is the collective state of each individual's inner state of consciousness and you're part of that. Thus, your inner state of mind directly influences how the outer world is. If you harbor a very negative state of mind and persist in it, you're emanating all of this energy. You'll firstly perceive the world around you in a negative way and secondly, the world will perceive you in a negative way. This all reinforces itself reciprocally. It potentiates in a negative feedback loop.

The energy within you proliferates, and this means that if you have a balanced energy within you - a joyful, happy, or calm energy - you will also radiate that out into the world, turning the world into a reflection of it. So, we are all responsible for how the world around us is, and the only way to take control, to influence anything or anyone, and to influence this world, is by taking control of ourselves, our inner state of mind. This can be achieved best through meditation or by facing challenges to strengthen our willpower and strengthen the belief in ourselves. By proving what we are capable of, by pushing the boundaries of our beliefs, by breaking through the doubts, and by stepping out of our comfort zone.

Doing so leads to a good, balanced state of mind, self-belief, and positivity, which you will naturally carry out into this world. You can not prevent this. Your inner state of mind is always projected into this world. This means: You live in this world, and if you don't work on yourself but rather allow this negativity to persist throughout your life, then you're part of the energy that makes the world a negative place, that creates destruction and war. Therefore, we all carry an essential responsibility to grow within ourselves, to become happy, to accept, to have a balanced state of mind.

Many people experience this: They see other people behaving a certain way and they get upset about it. Things go a certain way we did not expect or want them to go and we are unhappy about it. We lose something, something breaks, we are sad, we get upset - all these emotions of rejection. But what can one do against it? Aren't these negative things, you might ask?

No. I tell you: Everything happens for a reason. Imagine a situation like this you may have already experienced. Some person did something to you, behaved in a certain way, maybe someone close to you, and you got upset. You were angry or sad or some other cocktail of boiling emotions. You had all this negativity inside of you. And then you find out why this person acted the way they did, and suddenly you think to yourself, "Ohhh."

You understand why they acted the way they did and you forgive the them. You understand why it happened, and you think to yourself, "Why did I get upset about it? There was no point to it." And I tell you, in every single situation, it is like that. Everything has its place, everything is perfect. Every imperfection is perfect, everything happens with purpose. But most of the time, we are just not capable of seeing that reason.

But now, imagine you get upset your whole life about all those things that are not the way you want them to be, about the things that don't go your way, about the people who harm others. You get upset your whole life, you're unhappy. Imagine you die and now, after your death, you understand all the reasons for everything that happened. You can see clearly and your judgment is not clouded anymore. You are decoupled from all your previous emotions. Put yourself in the regret of how you wasted your life in all this negativity that was not necessary, that you radiated. You were therefore the force that created the negativity because you did not accept all that was. You didn't accept it because you couldn't see that there was a reason for all of it. Therefore, no matter what happens, you should always try to rationalize why something could have played out the way it did. You should never judge and reject what is and what happens to you and in this world as a whole. Always try to come up with plausible and optimistic stories about why something could have happended. And if you do this again and again, you'll get good at it. It becomes second nature. No matter what happens, you'll come up with something, "Okay, this happened for that reason, and that happened for some other multitude of reasons."

Maybe it only happened for your practice, for you to learn acceptance, for you to learn to rationalize, to argue for the positive side. As I said, no matter what happens, there are so many intertwined reasons why every single thing happens. It happens for your development, it happens for the development of other people. It might happen to accumulate negativity up to a certain threshold so that people are capable of opposing this negativity in an explosive release of energy. And if you can't find an argument in some situation, at least trust in the fact that everything has a reason. There are enough situations where you can find a one, where you will see it if you only want to. Intention is essential and understanding is the basis for clear intention.

And once you internalized that all is as it should be, then there's no reason to get upset. There is no basis to rejecting what is. You're happy no matter what happens. You're grateful that for all that happens because you know that it needs to happen. That it is the best way for things to go in order for growth of to happen. And this is the most important step, really. This will bring upon an inner peace inside you, which will then reflect and spread throughout this entire existence. You will see your inner light reflected in you surroundings and all the people close to you and this will in turn make you see the world in a positive and optimistic way. Again, the same feedback loop, only the positive side of it. It works both ways.

When you get upset about others being negative, then you're doing exactly the same thing. Internally, you're getting upset about yourself. But most people can't see this because usually, or actually always, we are bothered by things in the external world that somehow bother us about ourselves. And I know that this is often hard to see. It's often very hard to see. Actually, this is the hardest challenge there is to existence. Recognizing the true self. This means accepting ALL aspects of the dualistic spectrum and taking full responsibility for all that is, was, and will be. But I don't want to demotivate you. Let's move one step at a time and the rest will be the natural progression.

And something that maybe helps accept all this: Imagine all lives lined up as one development, one progression. Maybe imagine a tree. When you walk by it, it is just like a photo. You then see it in a certain state, frozen in time, without any growth. But across the fourth, the temporal dimension, the tree is everything from seed to its largest state, to the rotten state. The tree itself extends across the fourth dimension. It is everything from birth to death, from beginning to end, and ultimately even beyond that.

And that means everything is not just the freeze-frame you see of it. But rather its entire progression of growth. A human being is its entirety. So when you see a person, and they are at a point of negativity in their life, this negativity is part of their development and a foundation for them to grow, to mature. Everything is perfect at the point it is, as this point is not stagnant but part of the movement of life, moving towards the light, and it makes no sense to get upset about one snapshot when it is the foundation for all growth. Yes, including your own growth. All people chained together are one progression of development, one soul, one consciousness. And every less developed human beeing is the basis of every more developed human beeing. So the consciousness that is on this Earth is like a collective soul undergoing collective development.

And the one consciousness is not sequentially born into all these individuals the same way we experience time, it goes back and forth, once a thousand years earlier, then two thousand years later. But all people, when linked together, form a chain, a developmental progression — an exponential evolution. That means there are many people who are less developed, those immersed in negativity. But if you're already further along than they are, they are a prelude to you. Their development had to occur for you to be at your point. So, if you harm or fail to accept those people, you harm yourself. Because these individuals who are less developed than you are evolving towards you over a long path. So help them. Help your past self to reach your point, and a future self of you will help your current self reach its further point. We all need to help each other because we are a single entity undergoing spiritual rebirth. We are one. And only when we see ourselves as one in this exponential evolution curve, and support and help each other, can we reach this final point of evolution.

Therefore, it's important that no matter who a person is, you understand that they're merely at a certain point in their development process. You help yourself as much as them when you give support. But most importantly you must not obstruct or reject them, because they are you.

man realizing the consequences to his actions and accepting responsibility for his state of mind

The Second Piece to The Puzzle

An then, there is another vital part to responsibility. You might know this situation: You're in a certain scenario and suddenly you realize that you could take action. An opening appears, a door you could walk through. You could stand up for yourself, speak out, or help someone. Let's say someone gets hurt and you could do something against it, or in a group, people are discussing, and nobody knows what to do, and you could step in and resolve the situation. Or you could tell someone you true thoughts, give them some light, offer them compassion or make their day by telling them honestly how much they mean to you. We often take for granted that our friends know how we view them, what we like about them, but we never dare to say it out loud. We all crave to be approved and that someone recognizes our efforts and qualities. This is usually the biggest gift you can make for a person. It means so much more than any material gift we could give them.

Or maybe you have a piece of information, a piece of music or something else to share with a specific person. You may know deep down, that it will help them. But often we feel like it would be inappropriate or not important or some other excuse. Those doubts about the significance of your potential action come up when you hesitate. There are countless situations like this where there's an urge to act, a door you could walk through. But it requires overcoming your fears and doubts.

Many don't muster the courage. But I tell you, when you have this feeling, that's your intuition. It's your most essential instinct. Not your body's instinct, but rather your spiritual instinct, which is much closer to source. You must walk through it. You live for certain reasons to effect certain things in your own development and in the development of others. These are moments when your inner self speaks to you, where your intuition gives you a signal that you must act. And you must, as soon as you perceive it, immediately take this step. Do not hesitate. Once you hesitate, you start to doubt, and this door exists in a certain position for a specific, fleeting window of time. If you wait too long, this door will have passed and you won't be able to walk through anymore. These doors are the basis of your life. It's your responsibility in life to walk through these doors when you sense that one is opening up. If you don't go through, your life will increasingly feel pointless because your soul senses that you are not fulfilling your life's purpose, that you're not doing what you were destined to do. Instead, you're aimlessly wandering, drifting, but not acting.

And I know, many don't want to be in the spotlight, and those are the situations where you end up in the spotlight. But those are the situations where we must act. And when you walk through this door, overcoming your hesitations and thinking: "Whatever happens, I'm going. I know I need to go, nothing bad can happen." There's no reason for fear. There's never a reason for fear because everything is you. Nothing can happen to your true self. You are infinite. And when you walk through, an incredible source energy will flow through you. A flame will kindle within you, you will illuminate from the inside, and you'll feel a tingling sensation in your body. You will feel more alive than ever because this is your life's purpose. This is the reason why you are here, why you were in that situation, why you were born in this body under these circumstances. It's your responsibility to act and not to hesitate.


So there are two components: First, we must achieve control over our internal mental state and attain balance. When we achieve this, it will be easier for us to walk through these doors. And these are the most important responsibilities that we all have. If we all work on these, face these responsibilities, and carry the burden on our shoulders — it's heavy, I know, but it feels incredibly good to follow your calling — then we will transform the world. We will create a completely new world, as it should be, as it must be, and as it will be. And if you resist this, you are part of the problem, part of the negative energy that you yourself dislike. So face the responsibility you carry, overcome it, work on yourself, meditate, challenge yourself, grow, help others, learn, pass it on. And that's how we all become our true selves, united as One.

Thank you for being part of this.