Beyond Fear

I did a video on this topic, so if you understand German you can watch that. For those that don't, I have written this article.

All of us are used to the feeling of being afraid. It is an omnipresent thing in our society. We don't question it. We think of it as being normal. Some experience this much more than others, but all is not as it seems, and many people who don't seem very afraid are often the most. But what I have noticed is that most people do not recognize most of their own fears. We run away from this feeling, not wanting to feel it. But most of this happens subconsciously. And this flight behavior steers us in a certain direction. So most of our lives are actually determined by our fears, which we may not even recognize.

You might think this is normal and part of natural evolution, and this helps us to survive. So where is the problem in all that? Well, that may have been the case, or it might not have been; that is not today's topic. Fact is that the world we live in has drastically changed, and we have evolved many times and we need to keep adapting to what is. So there might have been a use for fear, but we need to ask whether there still is any use for it or whether it has no use anymore and is just destructive.

Is Fear Required to Live?

Some might say: If you don't have any fear, you might just run in front of a driving car out of fun or curiosity and get killed. But would that actually be the resulting behavior? Having no fear doesn't mean having no reason or not knowing the consequences to your actions. And there are so many positive arguments for living. You might want to experience life, enjoy time with your friends and family, taste delicious food, listen to music, and so much more. Those might be the reasons for why you deliberately choose to live and not run in front of a car. Those are positive motivations. No negative ones required to run away from. And isn't it much easier to enjoy life and spread love if you just live to experience life out of joy because you have chosen to, instead of living because you are afraid to die? There is no joy in running all your life away from death out of fear. You will die anyway.

The Root of All Fear

There is but one fear. All others stem from it. You might have figured by now, it is the fear of death. Think about it. Let's talk about social fears. Those are the fears of being judged, ridiculed, or not accepted by society. Community has always played a big part for the human race. We survived through collaboration and providing for each other. It made living much more feasible. If you get hurt and don't have a community providing for you, you might have just died; you were an easy target. Also, reproduction plays a big role in this, extending the fear for one's own survival to the survival of one's own gene pool. And this fear of being abandoned still persists in us today. We feel like we need to conform to the norm, to what society expects us to be, and to fit in. So we learn at a young age to suppress our true identity and try to conform. School is also designed to make us conform. If you don't do what is expected of you, you will get bad grades, possibly in trouble with your parents, and supposedly your whole career and life are endangered. And it all feels so real at this age. And this is linked to our perceived survival, so we try not to die, and this results in us constructing a shell around us that limits our expression and identity. But we all have a form we are meant to be and internally wish to become. And suppressing this unfoldment results in inner suffering and pain, and there is no way of keeping such energy inside without it leaking out. All energy we carry gets naturally reflected and spreads to our surroundings and beyond.

person breaking free from the cage of fear and limitation

The Cage of Limitation

So imagine this. Base reality is infinite possibility, infinite expansion, the absence of any limitation. Pure consciousness expanding infinitely. Each quality or property that resulted from the dualistic split is one dimension. And in each of those almost infinitely many dimensions, we are defined by a certain limit. In each one, we live within a certain range. Like on the spectrum from being infinitely generous to being infinitely greedy, we limit our expression to a certain range. We identify with this range. So we only live inside these constructed walls. And the same goes for all possible properties. Each personality is defined as those ranges or limits in this multidimensional space of all characteristics.

You can imagine this as a block of stone expanding infinitely in all dimensions. This is infinite potentiality and the base of all existence. And each personality is like a statue carved from this infinite stone. So in the form we take, we are a limited subset of infinity. And we live inside the walls of this statue. We are afraid to go outside; it feels uncomfortable, as we feel like being outside our walls misaligns with our identity. We just feel safe and comfortable inside these walls. That's why they are called our comfort zone. We are used to staying within our range of expression, as we know that we are accepted inside of there. But we subconsciously think that when we go beyond, we might get rejected and abandoned. So again, this is based on the fear of death.

Beyond The Cage

So you might ask by now: What lies beyond this cage, beyond the limits we set for ourselves? Well, infinite possibility, pure freedom. The cage might feel comfortable, but not very fulfilling and kind of depressing. Our inner self urges us to expand; it is not happy being locked in. All limits we believe in and all the doubts we have are real. But only because we believe in them. As soon as we believe in infinity, that will also become reality. That's how existence works; that's how consciousness operates. Sure, we can believe in any kind of limitation, and we will be correct. But this is not because we are universally correct in this belief, but because any belief we carry will result in reality confirming just that. So in my opinion, the best belief is that of infinite possibility and limitless potential in combination with belief in the light. We are the creators of our own realities, and it is advantageous to create the best reality you can imagine, as this will become the world you live in. In addition to this, belief is contagious and will influence those around you. So if you believe in limits to what you can do and achieve and how free you are in expressing yourself, you are the one imposing those limits onto yourself and those around you, and you are suffocating inside. I do realize that this is not as easy as it sounds; there will be resistance and doubt. Like I said, your primitive reaction will be fear of death. But you need to see that any fear is a pointer towards love and freedom. Any fear that you recognize is a potential for you to grow. But only if you face this fear. This might take some time, but if you do this again and again you will see that behind every fear lies pure bliss. And over time, you will reassociate fear with growth, and the uncomfortable feeling of stepping outside your comfort zone will transform into one that you love. You will be happy to discover the fears you have, as each one is the potential for you to grow, expand, and return to your true self.

The Take-Away

So that's why I am saying that instead of running from our fears because they protect our survival, we should actually do the opposite and face any fear we discover. This is the way to freedom. This is the way to love. And if you do this, your belief will change to that of freedom, which will infect those around you and spread all over this world. So the true way to transform society is to work on yourself and face your fears, and the rest will just fall into place.

Thank you for your attention, and I wish you all the best on your path. I fully believe in you, as I know we are all carved from the same stone, and there are no limits except for the ones you accept. And this goes for each and every one for us.